Basic Attention Token Course – Development – Prognosis

The Basic Attention Token price started in June 2017 at around 20 cents per coin on the stock exchanges. As a result, the price fell continuously, in July even below 10 cents. In August and September, the price picked up again and was quoted at over 15 cents per coin. After a brief rise to over 20 cents at the beginning of October, the BAT crypto currency lost value again and was quoted at just over 10 cents in the remaining months of October and November.

Where can I buy the Ethereum code?

In December 2017 a real hype about the crypto currencies started, as seen here, which lasted into the new year. The BAT token was also affected by this hype and reached over 30 cents per coin in the pre-Christmas period. In the new year, the Basic Attention Token rate then rose to over 40 cents and doubled to around 80 cents. The hype then subsided and the token lost value again.

This crypto currency is actually still much too young to issue a satisfactory Basic Attention Token forecast. So far, the token has done well on the stock markets, even if it has only followed the current developments on the market. The BAT token certainly has potential, but people must also use the browser.

Create the Bitcoin revolution

The Basic Attention Token is an ERC20 token. This means that you can store it on any wallet designed to store ERC20 tokens. The MyEtherWallet can be easily created by clicking on on its website and following the instructions. Then you only have to send a small amount of ether tokens to the address of the wallet to activate it and the wallet can be used as a Basic Attention Wallet.

Buying Basic Attention Tokens is possible on the stock exchanges Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Ethfinex, Bitfinex, Liqui,, Livecoin, Yobit, Cryptopia, Big One, Cobinhood and Mercatox. On most of these exchanges, the BAT token must be exchanged for other coins. On Bitfinex and Ethnfinex you can also buy the token with dollars.

Basic Attention Token – What is this token?

The Basic Attention Token wants to personalize and revolutionize advertising on the Internet. The Internet user should only see the advertisement he wants to see.

In addition, it should make the costs fairer for advertisers. The token also offers secure surfing via the user’s own browser. The Basic Attention Token prognosis could provide information on whether the concept will be successful or not.

Basic Attention Token – What is the use for the Bitcoin trader?

The Basic Attention Token crypto currency serves as a reward for the onlinebetrug users of the „Brave Browser“. This is an open-souce web browser with an automatically integrated adblocker. The Basic Attention Token is to become the new token for the advertising industry. During development, the blockchain will be combined with Ethereum’s Smart Contracts and integrated into Brave Browser. The BAT, as the token is also abbreviated, is exchanged between developers, advertisers and users.

Users of the browser decide for themselves which advertisements they want to see. They can use the browser to completely switch off any advertising. This does not only have something to do with annoying ads. Advertising usually also uses various tracking methods, which store user data. The use of the Brave Browser therefore also serves your own security and privacy. Users should also save bandwidth, because advertising devours a lot of it. If the users decide to see ads, they receive a few tokens which they can save on the wallet. They should be able to use these for premium content or services on the Brave platform.

The Bitcoin profit development is not yet complete

The advantage for advertisers is that their advertising reaches exactly the right Bitcoin profit target group. This is because users can decide for themselves what type of advertising they want to see. Otherwise the advertisers are dependent on middlemen, which are to bring the announcements to the correct places and customers and proceed thereby possibly badly or even cheating, by suggesting with Bots the advertisers a larger range of the announcements, than these actually have. The advertisers could save immense costs thereby. The developers of the BAT token also benefit from the web browser because they earn a large part of the advertising revenue. However, they still promise that their service will be fairer, cheaper and more effective than that of other ad platforms.

Future browser enhancements include additional fraud protection features and dashboard analysis for advertisers. In the future it should be possible for advertisers to correctly assess the reach of advertisements.

Backed by a strong investor

Originally, the trio from Austria and Thailand did not start under the name TenX: As early as 2015 they had started their basic work under the name OnePay. Their idea at the time was to link a credit card with a Bitcoin Wallet, so that payments could be made anywhere. The founders took part in Fintech Singapore, a boot camp for startups. Just one year later, the makers had made it to the PayPal indicator in Singapore. Shanghai-based Fenbushi Capital, in which Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is a partner, had already invested one million US dollars in the young company in March 2017.

The four founders had also chosen the onlinebetrug company’s headquarters in Shanghai carefully

Hosp says so at onlinebetrug Trendingtopics: „In Austria, people are struggling with whether credit cards can be accepted everywhere at all. We didn’t want to discuss whether this would make sense, we needed it as a prerequisite for our product.“

That’s why they didn’t want to implement the idea of TenX in Europe under any circumstances. One had concentrated simply and movingly on the asiatic area, because in Japan and Australia crypto currencies are very much more widespread than in Europe.

This is how the Bitcoin code should work

It is sufficient for the customer to enter his e-mail address and account number in order for the Smartphone Wallet to be tailored to him. Once this has been done, the user can fill his wallet with a Bitcoin code digital currency. Because TenX uses the Bit-Go industry standard for data security, no unauthorized persons can access the private keys. Of course, the customer also needs a physical credit card. But he can order this very easily from the app.

As soon as the user has set up the wallet, he selects the desired crypto currency via the app and connects it to the card with a click. To ensure that TenX’s credit card is accepted in as many places as possible, the founders have entered into a partnership with MasterCard and Visa. Payments can then be processed in a matter of seconds via the COMIT network. A further advantage is that the digital currency is only converted into the respective national currency when paying. Until the credit card is used, the customer therefore has the option of selecting the currency that currently has the best exchange rate. He can therefore benefit from exchange rate fluctuations when paying with a card.

TenX credit card for digital currencies

The TenX team has a real chance to get crypto currencies out of their current niche and make them suitable for everyday use. The big advantage of the idea behind TenX is that it combines the advantages of conventional currencies with those of digital currencies. In addition, there is an extremely positive start in the token sale phase, so that there is sufficient scope for development in the first few years. This is probably due not least to the fact that the four founders have thought through their concept extremely well down to the last detail. For example, the Austrian-Thai quartet has come up with a transparent fee structure from which users, the company and investors benefit. In this way, they do not – like many other providers from the world of digital currencies – rely exclusively on price increases. Rather, they create a real financial basis which, if the TenX card is sufficiently accepted, can guarantee solid growth for the company.

The only risk factor is the question of whether the card is accepted to a sufficient degree. TenX must not only reach those users who are fans of crypto currencies anyway. The big difficulty is likely to be to reach other consumers who have always paid with conventional currencies and credit cards. Holders of Master or Visa cards may well ask themselves why they should use the TenX card in addition. The argument that card users can profit financially from price increases of crypto currencies is probably not sufficient in view of the massive price jumps in the past. However, TenX should be able to compensate for this shortcoming through good advertising and public relations work – at least as long as the young company remains as transparent in the future as it was in the past. Then the long-term success of TenX might not stand probably any more all too much in the way.