What is a Token Sale?

In principle, the Token Sale – also known as the ICO in the industry – is similar to crowdfunding. This means that anyone who wanted to buy TenX made a bet on the positive development of the company. TenX Coin, i.e. PAY, thus gains value, whereby the buyer profits from the future success of the company. TenX ranks among the ten largest ICOs in the first half of 2017.

These are the ten largest ICOs

The founders not only want to profit from the price increases, but have also included real revenue opportunities in their planning: TenX receives a small share of the turnover if the owner of a credit card pays with it. Of this revenue, 0.5 percent is distributed to the owners of the tokens. Customers who pay with their credit card are additionally rewarded with a bonus of 0.1 percent. However, it is not yet clear whether this idea will really be able to assert itself on the market. The success of the card is likely to depend largely on the TenX Whitepaper and the published TenX News. This is because the state regulatory authorities act in completely different ways.

Tezos with a volume of 208 million US dollars
IO with a volume of 200 million US dollars
Bancor with a volume of 153 million US dollars
Status with a volume of 95 million US dollars
TenX with a volume of 80 million US dollars
MobileGo with a volume of 53.3 million US dollars
SONM with a volume of 42 million US dollars
Basic Attention Token with a volume of 35 million US dollars
Civic with a volume of 33 million US dollars
Storj with a volume of 30 million US dollars

TenX credit card – countries react differently

While those responsible in some countries are extremely sceptical and act accordingly restrictively, the authorities in other countries are open-minded – and the rules are handled more loosely.

That’s why the token sale was limited

For a good reason, TenX did not keep the token sale open, but limited it. The reason: If the sale had been open, there would have been a great danger that many investors would massively enter the sale phase. At the official stock market launch, there might have been too few investors willing to invest in TenX. As soon as TenX is traded on the Altcoin stock exchange, this could have resulted in a massive fall in prices. On this page we have compared some crypto exchanges for you. And also the amount of the investment was limited to a maximum of five million euros. The founders of TenX wanted to prevent the pay tokens from concentrating on a few large investors. Rather, they were interested in offering as many investors as possible the opportunity to get involved.